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Lisa Dearlove

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Eveline Pye

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Neil K. Henderson

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from the editor

Welcome to Flash Fiction North. This website promotes short   fiction from around the world. It also exhibits poetry and art images.


FFN champions both experienced and emerging writers. If your writing is coherent and interesting - you’re in. No fantasy stories will be accepted  [involving elves,   magic potions, wizards etc.].

This site does not pay for any work submitted but simply offers a free platform.

No fiction longer than 500 words please and keep your poems quite short.


Please give some indication of your location. E.g. Hubballi, India.

If you want to supply your own,   original image,     I'll be more than happy to publish it if I think it is   suitable.

Submit work as a word document or paste it into the email. No PDFs please.​

Usually, an accepted piece will be published within a  week of arrival and the author will receive an email to inform them their work is up on the site.

Once an author's work is published it remains on the main pages in order of  appearance - newest to oldest - and is not archived. 

All published work will be promoted  via  FFN's Twitter  feed.


Thank you very much for visiting Flash Fiction North. I hope to hear from you soon.

John Caulton


Hull, East Yorkshire, England


'The Grass Whistle'  - John's collection of short stories is now available to buy online:

[much cheaper   Kindle version available too!]



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